Sunday, January 11 - The last day for the Hadley store

Sad news, folks.

Sunday, January 11 will be the final day of our Hampshire Mall location.

Bringing Greenfield Games to Hadley has been an incredible experience. We learned a lot and would love to be able to stay but it has become increasingly clear that it's just not working out for the long term. 

We apologize to all of our fantastic customers who have come to rely on us to supply their entertainment on a regular basis. We hope that we can convince you to visit us in Greenfield in the future.

Speaking of the Greenfield store...

This closing has no negative effect on the Greenfield store whatsoever. We've been in Greenfield for 15 years and we hope to be here for at least another 15. 

We will be closed on Monday, Jan 12 and Tuesday, Jan 13 in order to do a short remodel. We'll be incorporating many of the displays from the Hadley store and reorganizing. Be sure to come and visit us on Wednesday, January 14 to have a look at what we've done.

Greenfield Games in Greenfield has always been our flagship store. It has an amazing array of products and an incredibly active gaming community of Magic: The Gathering players, miniature gamers and roleplayers. If you've never had the opportunity to visit us in Greenfield we hope to see you here in the near future.