Current Events at and/or with Greenfield Games

Special Events:

  • Live Auction: Sat Feb. 17th. Silent Auction: the entire week before!
  • Winter Carnival! Sat Feb. 3rd 11-12:30. Come by with your youngsters and have some family fun.
  • Totalcon Convention: Feb 22-25th. Bubba's going, and he's taking tons of our inventory!
  • Painting Day with Andy: Mid-Feb... details to be revealed!

Magic the Gathering:

  • Draft Weekend: Jan 20th & 21st. Awesome promo prizes + redrafting!
  • Preliminary PTQ: Feb 10th. Call or Stop in for details.
  • Every Friday: FNM! (Standard & Modern)
  • Every Saturday: Saturday Standard Showdown
  • Every Monday: Casual EDH~Commander
  • Five weeks, Jan 20th to Feb 17th, mostly on Saturdays: Rivals of Ixalan League

More Weekly Events:

  • Sundays & Mondays: Miniature Tabletop Gaming, all day
  • Mondays: Tanks from Gale Force 9, all afternoon
  • Fridays: Friday Night Magic, 6pm to close
  • Saturdays: 
  • Pathfinder RPG, 10:30 am
  • Dungeons & Dragons RPG, 3pm
  • Board Game Night!, 6pm

Just about anytime: Open gaming space for you & your friends!