Current Events at and/or with Greenfield Games

Special Events:

  • WAR ROOM: A Larry Harris Game by Nightingale Games LLC
    Nightingale Games are having open testing on Sat. May 26 (noon-6pm) and also Sun. June 10, here at Greenfield Games. The primary table for Sat. is full, but there will be a second group. You can mail warroombulletin AT with more questions. The May 26th session will be "blind", meaning they will try their best not to step in to referee or explain rules, but merely take notes.

Magic the Gathering:

  • Battlebond 2 Headed Giant Sealed events June 2nd & 3rd
  • Every Friday: FNM! (Standard & Modern)
  • Every Saturday: Saturday Standard Showdown
  • Every Sunday: Casual EDH~Commander
  • Currently, mostly on Saturdays: Dominaria League

More Weekly Events:

  • Sundays & Mondays: Miniature Tabletop Gaming, all day
  • Mondays: Tanks from Gale Force 9, all afternoon
  • Saturdays: 
  • Pathfinder RPG, 10:30 am
  • Saturdays: Dungeons & Dragons RPG, 3pm
  • Sundays: Dungeons & Dragons RPG, 1pm, 4pm
  • Board Game Night!, 6pm

Just about anytime: Open gaming space for you & your friends!