Week of February 25th - March 3rd!!

This Week’s Events

Monday 25th:

  • Tanks from Gale Force 9, All day

  • Terrain Building Workshop!

Tuesday 26th:

  • Open Gaming space!

Wednesday 27th:

  • Keyforge Brawls!

Thursday 28th:

  • Open Gaming space!

Friday 1st:

  • Youth Pokemon Club 3:45 pm-5 pm

  • Friday Night Magic 6 pm

Saturday 2nd:

  • Pauper Showdown

  • Board Game Night, 6 pm

  • Frostgrave Tabletop Minis, 6 pm

Sunday 3rd:

  • Casual EDH/Commander

  • Miniatures Gaming

Recurring Events

Painting with Andrew

  • Every Third Monday of the Month

Terrain Building Workshop

  • Every Second Sunday of the Month

Upcoming Events

Stay Tuned for our upcoming events!