Greenfield Games Founders Program

After nearly 18 years of renting, we have made a permanent commitment to downtown Greenfield with the purchase of our new storefront. Today we are announcing our Founders Program. This initiative will allow us to generate funds to truly upgrade this space to a new level - giving all of you an even better place to game & to shop - while providing a long term benefit to our generous Founders.

Here is how it works - you choose from a number of different Founder levels. In exchange, we provide you with a discount at the store that ranges anywhere from a single purchase to a lifetime benefit for your entire family. If you already shop with us, this discount will simply give you an additional incentive, and as a Founder you will be directly helping us create a truly exceptional shopping & gaming experience.

You're already enjoying our first major improvement: the amazing new air conditioning & heating unit that we’ve installed for your comfort. Next, step-by-step, we'll be improving the look, comfort and stock of Greenfield Games. We would love to augment our to-do list with your improvement suggestions!

Our Gold and Silver Founders will be immortalized on a permanent plaque installed in the store for all to see. Every level of Founder will be thanked on our website on a page we’ll maintain exclusively for this purpose. We tremendously appreciate our community, and we’ll certainly celebrate your generosity and support.


Green Griffon

10% Coupon for one order. You choose when you want to use it.
Permanent acknowledgement on our website. 

Green Griffon Sponsor - $25


Bronze Griffon

10% One Month Discount. You choose the month you want to activate it.
Permanent acknowledgement on our website.

Bronze Griffon Individual Sponsor - $49


Silver Griffon

10% One Entire Year Discount.
Listed as Silver Founder on our Store Plaque.
Permanent acknowledgement on our website.

Silver Griffon Family Sponsor - $149 per year (1-3 years)

Silver Griffon Individual Sponsor - $99 per year (1-3 years)


Golden Griffon

10% Lifetime Discount.
Listed as Gold Founder on Store Plaque.
Permanent acknowledgement on our website.

Golden Griffon Family Sponsor - $495 (one payment or 10 payments of $50/month)

Golden Griffon Individual Sponsor - $395 (one payment or 10 payments of $40/month)

Golden Griffon Institutional Sponsor - $495


There is a limited window of time to become a Greenfield Games Founder. We appreciate your consideration and thank you for all that you do to make our store a special place in this community!

Please come and see Seth or Bubba for more information
and to sign up as a Greenfield Games Founder.