Greenfield Games Founders

In 2018, after nearly 18 years of renting, Greenfield Games made a permanent commitment to downtown Greenfield with the purchase of our new storefront. At that time created a program for committed customers to help us to improve the new store - and many of you did!

 Below you will find a list of our Gold and Silver Griffons - customers who went above and beyond in their support. We tremendously appreciate our community, and we’ll certainly celebrate your generosity and support.


Golden Griffon

Wayfarer House

The Goodhind Family

David Hatt

David Sommerfeld

Alex & Jessica Mahon

Joe Culver

John Henson

The Helfant Family

Legends Legacy Live Action

The Thompson Family

The Hoshi Family

Robert Bealer

Chris Lavalette

The Downham Family

Eric Kovalchick

Frank & Lydia

Gerald Minton

Ian Ralph

James Fournier

The Burns Family

The O'Keefe Family

The Bartok-Gale Family

The Nutile Family

The Richards Family

Robb McLaughlin

Rose Boudreau



Silver Griffon

Aaron Hedding

Chris Carpenter

Caleb Joseph

Sean Wang