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Tholian Web - Star Trek Attack Wing event


While responding to a distress signal in an uncharted sector, you quickly learn that it was a trap and find yourself engaged in combat with enemy ships. Unbeknownst to both fleets, your battle has taken you into an annex of the Tholian Assembly and Tholian ships have begun weaving a deadly energy web around your fleets. Your only chance to survive is to defeat your enemy before the web is completed and hope that your remaining ships can escape the powerful draw of the Tholian Web.

Start Time: 1pm
Fee: $5

Bring a 100 point fleet (faction pure is recommended.. strongly recommended). Feel free to check out the event info to better prepare your fleet for the specifics of this event. You're probably going to want a very maneuverable fleet, or one that can destroy its opponent before maneuverability becomes an issue. The choice is yours.

There are Tholian ships for the top-three players as well as participation prizes for all (while supplies last).