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Star Trek: Attack Wing - The Collective Storyline OP Month Three

After the destruction of the colony on Ivor Prime, long-range sensors show that a Borg Cube is headed for the Earth. The Borg have entered Sector 001 and are preparing their second large-scale aggression in Federation space; to assimilate the Earth. The United Federation of Planets has assembled a fleet to defend the Earth from the Borg threat.

Unbeknownst to the defenders, the Borg have prepared a contingency plan in case there is resistance. The Cube carries within it a Borg Sphere which, when sent through a temporal vortex, could go back in time and assimilate the planet, defeating the Federation before it ever exists.

Will you be able to defend the planet and thwart the Borg’s plan? Or will the Earth become yet another Borg conquest?

The third chapter in the STAW "Collective" OP. More card-Borg madness. Admission is the purchase of a Blind Booster. ($15.00+tax). Bring a built 90 point fleet. This will be a Faction Pure Event. Players will build a 30 point ship from their blind booster for a total of 120 fleet points. Store opens at 12:00, games kick off at 1:00 sharp-ish. So try and get there before 1:00 to get settled. Yours, in a white wine sauce.

The event is Fleet Faction Pure. If you have any specific questions about this just ask. But the time for philosophical debate has passed  Also, this is a semi-flexible policy; if you have something you wanted to run because it has a lot of flavor, was featured in an episode, or is just cool, then by all means run it by us!

ALL previously released ships, cards, resources, dice, whatever are allowed. If they made it, and it doesn't violate the above Fleet Purity rule, then go for it!

This event requires the purchase of a Booster Pack.

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