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Magic: The Gathering: Grand Prix Trial Event


Come and join us for our next Grand Prix Trial Event!
This will again be Theros Block sealed event: 2x Theros, 2x Born of the Gods, 2x Journey into Nyx. After swiss rounds we'll cut to a top elimination, using the same sealed decks.

Winner receives a two-round bye at Grand Prix Boston. In addition, the prize pool will be:
12 Players or less: $100 in store credit 
13-16 Players: $150 in store credit
17-20 Players: $200 ...
21-24 Players: $250 ...
25-28 Players: $300 ...
29-32 Players: $350 ...
33-36 Players: $400 (That's $200 in credit to first!!! (or eighty Magic boosters!!!)

Store credit winnings can be redeemed for Magic boosters at a rate of $2.50/pack, rather than their normal rate of $3.99.

$30.00. Noon. Saturday July 5th

Deck-building starts at noon! PLEASE arrive early. It will be a long day and we'll need to start promptly. A multiple check Deck Registration will be used.

More information ca n be found at:

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