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SUMMER GAME AUCTION June 20th-June 27th

The Summer Game Auction has arrived and items are already pouring in! Huzzah!

If you have board games, video games, sci-fi books, cool geek-movies, card games, models, miniatures, LARP gear, war games, dice, giant wall-mounted space-boar heads, weird dragon clocks, Odin's Hammer replicas, life-size Storm Trooper cut outs, party games, etc... bring 'em in and earn store credit equal to their final selling price!!!

If you want some great deals on games & such, this is the place to bid!

The Silent Auction will open for bidding on Saturday the 20th. All week long you can come in and place bids. On SATURDAY the 27TH, the Silent Items will incrementally close and we'll have a live auction for some of the best items! Silent items start closing at around noon, with the last closing at 2pm. The Live Auction is at 1:30. The dust takes some time to settle. If you have multiple purchases and stay to the end, expect to cash out by about 3pm. If you sold items, your new store credit is usually available by about 4:30-5pm.

Some bring in your stuff now, and come look at some of the loot already entered!