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Pathfinder Society Year of the Sky Key

Ok, so it's not going to be a whole year, but rather a week...this coming week!!!
Maybe you noted that next week is school break week. Why ruin a perfectly good week by allowing your child, parent, boy or girlfriend to sit around telling you "I'm bo-o-o-ored" every ten minutes?

Send them to us!

Every day this coming week, Monday April 20th through Friday April 24th, the Pathfinder Society of Western Mass. is hosting Pathfinder role playing from 12pm to 5pm! Free! Fun! In our store!

Sign-up today in the store or give us a call and we'll secure a spot for you!
You don't need to bring anything! New players or old cave trolls welcome! (Probably a set of your own dice wouldn't hurt...but we do sell those :D ) 
Even if too many or too few people sign up for any given day, we'll play some Pathfinder Card Game or work on building characters.

A perfect time for those curious how Pathfinder and role playing adventure games work! And, best of all, no one has to be bored!

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