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STAR TREK™: ATTACK WING The Q-Continuum OP Event Overview: Encounter at Farpoint

While on a mission to planet Deneb IV to examine Farpoint Station, a mysterious starbase built by the inhabitants of Deneb IV, an omnipotent being calling himself “Q” places a powerful force field in your way, stopping your ships. He claims that you are a dangerous race and demands that you leave the system and when you start to go, he tells you that he will return to prosecute and judge you. As you continue your journey to Farpoint Station, your fleet is set upon by an enemy fleet, and the Honorable Judge Q begins his trials for both of your fleets. Can you defeat your opponent and complete your mission at Farpoint? Or will Q’s trials prove to be too much for you to handle?

You'll be competing for the U.S.S Hood , there are no blind boosters, so the entry fee is $5. 120 point build. For resources we are not allowed to use Elite Attack Die,Command Tokens,Reinforcement Sideboard, or Flagship Cards.