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Star Trek Attack Wing OP: Q Continuum Month 2, "Deja Q"

Coming Sunday, July 26th it's Month 2 of the Attack Wing "Q Continuum OP"! This time you get a hardcore case of "Deja Q"! Can you save the people of Bre-el IV before their moon falls out of orbit!? Especially the people on the Southern Continent!? (ugh....Trekkieness exposed there!)

*TNG, Season 3, Episode 13 (61 overall), aired: February 5th, 1990

The festivities begin at 1:00pm with doors opening at 12:00. Entry is $5. 

Special rules for this one can be found here!

Even if you missed the first OP in this series you are welcome to join in on this one! Top three players get a new Bird of Prey, the "Korinar"

See you then!