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Star Trek Attack Wing OP: "A Matter of Honor"

It's time for the Officer Exchange program! Based on the TNG episode of the same name, it's the WK Star Trek Attack Wing "A Matter of Honor" OP event!!

*TNG, Season 2, Episode 8 (34 overall), aired: Feb 6, 1989

Going down on Sunday, July 5th at Greenfield Games.

We have a start time of 1:00 pm, but be sure to get there early enough to register, go over any rules clarifications or questions you may have, as well as get your cards and tokens together (doors open at 12:00, if Bubba didn't get into the Hefeweizen the night before!)

Entry fee: 5$ but the good times are FREE!

The scenario rules can be found here. I recommend you take a look!

Top three finishers take home a new Bird of Prey - the Pagh. Which is sweet because it's Kornan's ship, but it doesn't come with Kornan. Who the heck is Kornan? He was second officer of the Pagh, but of greater importance, he went on to command the IKS Gorkon! <sigh> it's amazing I ever got a girlfriend let alone married........but I digress......

Hoping to see everyone there!