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Star Wars Armada 400 Point Tournament

In Star Wars™: Armada you take command of a starship fleet for the good of the Rebellion or Empire. Will you choose the Rebels and their hit-and-run tactics, relying on your skill and crew to survive? Or will you side with the Emperor, crushing the dissenters in the name of peace? Your decision will determine the fate of the galaxy!

Greenfield Games will be hosting our first Star Wars Armada casual level Organized Play Tournament this January!

This will be a 400 point constructed event with swiss-style rounds.
(UPDATE!>>>)  Three rounds each 135 minutes long. (<<<UPDATE!) 

Entry fee: $7.50

We'll be starting as close to noon as possible, so please try to arrive promptly at noon.

Below is an updated link for newest SW:A. rules. 
Full details for tournament play can be found here.

And a link for Fantasy Flight's Organized Play rules, which includes some FAQs.

Later Event: February 6
Winter Auction 2016