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  • Renegade Games Studios Kids on Brooms RPG: Core Rule Book

Kids on Brooms RPG: Core Rule Book

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Flying Brooms, Powerful Spells...

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Kids on Brooms is a collaborative role-playing game about taking on the life of a witch or wizard at a magical school you all attend that uses the “Powered by Kids on Bikes” system, first used in the award wininng Kids on Bikes. Written and created by celebrated game designers Jonathan Gilmour (Dead of WinterKids on Bikes), Doug Levandowski (Gothic Doctor, Kids on Bikes), & Spenser Starke (IcarusAlice is Missing) with the evocative art of Heather Vaughan (Beneath Nexus, Kids on Bikes), Kids on Brooms is a rules-light storytelling system that takes you on magical adventures.

Kids on Bikes is NOT required to play Kids on Brooms.

The Adventures of Kids on Brooms take place in magical schools filled with mystery, danger, and fantastical things like: 

  • Wielding wands, riding brooms, brewing potions, and casting powerful spells
  • Facing down mythical beasts and searching for school secrets

  • Making sure you hand your homework in on time

Kids on Brooms takes characters to their own magical schools, in a fantasy world where anything and everything *could* happen. 

Kids on Brooms is a 96 page, rules-light, narrative-first storytelling game using the "Powered by Kids on Bikes" system meaning that many players will feel right at home. Despite the added layers of fantasy this remains a game in which you can jump right into the action and start playing RIGHT NOW!

Using familiar stats like GRIT, CHARM, FIGHT, FLIGHT, BRAINS and BRAWN, you’ll jump into the action. Each skill is represented by a polyhedral die based on your character’s competence. More sides = better chance of success.

Characters, Brooms, and Wands

Character creation is a hallmark feature of the "Powered by Kids On Bikes" system, and we've added even more of what you loved from before with Kids on Brooms!

More than just your character, you'll now also create a unique wand and broom that will become some of your most trusted tools while you explore the school you collaboratively create in your first session. You’ll start with Tropes you know and love (like the Reluctant Oracle, the Haunted Survivor, or the Firstborn Caster), you’ll flesh your characters out by developing their relationships to their classmates and the facalty!

Did we forget to mention powerful spells?  

Kids on Brooms also features a comprehensive system for creating all sorts of interesting and unique magical effects that are all your own. From defensive counter magics, to summoning all manner of mythical and fantastical beasts, or making magical charms and brews - give your witch or wizard that extra bit of personality through the magics in which they excel and the spells that they weild! 

Possibly the greatest tools in your magical arsenal, spells will open up otherwise impossible feats and solutions to problems you face. You'll need to choose your class schedule wisely!

The fantastical and magical world is waiting to be explored… does your class have the resolve to unlock the mysteries?

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