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Meet the Greenshirts!

You've seen our products, now meet the Team!


SETH (He/Him):

A Greenfield resident since 1990, Seth has been playing games on and off for a little over 45 years. From Michigan Rummy, Tactics II, Feudal with his family, and Dungeons & Dragons with sticks and trash can lids in the backyard, to today’s 7th Citadel, Oathsworn, Robinson Crusoe, and D&D with zoom links and digital dice in the basement. If there’s anything he likes more than playing games, it’s buying games! His Wall of Shame is prodigious. He started Greenfield Games in 2000 with several great friends and, through several moves down the street, has been enjoying serving the Greenfield community for all these years.


JOE (He/Him):

With so much potential, we can't wait to see what he accomplishes when he grows up!


BUBBA (He/Him):

Our most recent addition to the store's Ownership, but a longtime fixture of Greenfield Games. Hired in 2007 (to a job for which he never applied) he has gone through the ranks as Clerk, Assistant Manager, Manager, and became an owner in 2021. His favorite board games include 7 Wonders, Space Cadets: Dice Duel, and Chaos in the Old World. An avid player of Magic: the Gathering he has also served in a judge capacity for many years. You'll probably see him behind the counter, but you'll likely have to look up!


SALES ASSOCIATES (The minion brigade):

KATIE (She/Her):

"Katie plays more boardgames than anyone in history. Anyone ever. NO I'M NOT EXAGGERATING!!" -Bubba (To be replaced when Katie writes her own blurb).


EVAN (He/Him):

While he may be the newest member of the greenfield games team, Evan has connections with the store going waaaaaay back, okay maybe not THAT far back, only a little over 10 years. But that doesn’t diverge from the fact that he is a big fan of board games and especially tabletop roleplaying games. Some of his favorite games include Mysterium, Ticket to Ride, 7th Continent, most variations of Fluxx, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Dungeons & Dragons which he’s been playing since he was about 8 years old.


ROSE (She/Her):

A Magic The Gathering aficionado with vast knowledge about the game and its cards. After arriving at the store in 2005 she took to liking all sorts of collectable games including Star Wars Minis, Magi-Nation, and Magic the Gathering. While most of those didn't stand the test of time, Rose has. With a fix on Magic lore and card info, if you ever have a question you know who to ask!