Greenfield Games' 15th Anniversary Party

It's the most.. wonderful time.. of the year!

Of course I'm talking about Greenfield Games' anniversary. This year we're going to be celebrating our lucky 15th year in business and, as is our tradition, we'll be having a party and we would love it if you would attend.

Here's the relevant info:

When: Thursday, December 4 from 6pm to 9pm
Where: Greenfield Games - 228 Main St in Greenfield, MA
What to Bring: Yourself, a friend or two (or three or more) and all of the tickets* you've earned throughout November
*Tickets? Yes, tickets. You get a set of tickets for every $25 you spend in either store in the month of November and December leading up the the event. You can also earn more tickets at the party by playing games. Each set of tickets is a chance to earn cool prizes at the party. We usually have a really good haul of stuff. This year expect to see some cool locally-grown games in the mix! (If you're a local game designer and would also like to contribute to the prize pool please let us know asap)

We're also going to have free pizza and cake, game demos, and lots of loud fun. It's usually a packed house and we all have a good time. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tabletop Season 3 Games/Guest List (annotated)

Just in case you missed the news, Wil Wheaton recently released the full list of games and guests that will be featured in Season 3 of Tabletop. Rather than just copy/paste the list here (which I did), I also added links to all of the games and guests that I could find. In some cases they're just best guesses (mostly with the guests) and a couple of people I couldn't find at all. 

Here's what you can expect to see starting... well, pretty soon if I remember correctly.