Summer Auction - Time to bring in your stuff!

Okay, I know that a lot of you have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to bring in your auction items for the summer auction, Well you can start bringing items in to the Greenfield store for the auction.

Remember: We're primarily looking for gaming items, but we'll also consider other pop-culture or other items that might be of interest to gamers in general. Think about condition, think about value. If it's something you couldn't see paying a few bucks for at a tag sale then it might be best to leave it at home. Definitely bring any games that are complete or otherwise usable.

Jiffycon - Amherst - June 21

JiffyCon is a one day mini role-playing convention held in Massachusetts (sometimes eastern MA, sometimes western MA). Focusing on small-press, independently published and story-oriented games, JiffyCon is a whole day devoted to nothing but having fun playing games! 

This month the con is being held at Hamshire College. Please go to the JiffyCon website for more information.