Current Events at and/or with Greenfield Games

Special Events:

  • Live Auction: Sat Feb. 17th. Silent Auction: the entire week before!
  • Winter Carnival! Sat Feb. 3rd 11-12:30. Come by with your youngsters and have some family fun.
  • Totalcon Convention: Feb 22-25th. Bubba's going, and he's taking tons of our inventory!
  • Painting Day with Andy: Mid-Feb... details to be revealed!

Magic the Gathering:

  • Draft Weekend: Jan 20th & 21st. Awesome promo prizes + redrafting!
  • Preliminary PTQ: Feb 10th. Call or Stop in for details.
  • Every Friday: FNM! (Standard & Modern)
  • Every Saturday: Saturday Standard Showdown
  • Every Monday: Casual EDH~Commander
  • Five weeks, Jan 20th to Feb 17th, mostly on Saturdays: Rivals of Ixalan League

More Weekly Events:

  • Sundays & Mondays: Miniature Tabletop Gaming, all day
  • Mondays: Tanks from Gale Force 9, all afternoon
  • Fridays: Friday Night Magic, 6pm to close
  • Saturdays: 
  • Pathfinder RPG, 10:30 am
  • Dungeons & Dragons RPG, 3pm
  • Board Game Night!, 6pm

Just about anytime: Open gaming space for you & your friends!

Guild Ball & Tanks Weekly!


Just a quick reminder two excellent, highly accessible minis games are being played regularly here in the store.

Every Monday afternoon Rob & Frank are here to further progress the winter Tanks campaign, The Bear Awakens. We're still in Month One, Clear the Mines. New player or grizzled verteran, now's an excellent time to crank up your Shermans and get fighting.

Every Thursday at 5pm, Joe is here with his Guild Ball teams, ready to throw down and play a round of this great minis game of brutal sporting combat from Steamforged Games.

These fellows are some the best at teaching and demonstrating games.
Guild Ball and Tanks are two games we think are very worth checking out!