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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Prerelease this weekend!

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  • By Bubba Sadowsky
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Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Prerelease this weekend!

A quick run down of our event schedule for the new MtG set Innistrad: Midnight Hunt as well as a description of the set itself!

Hey there everyone! Bubba here!

Prerelease weekend is once again upon us! Once again it is time to return to Innistrad! Time to dust off that old torch and pitchfork as the moon fills and the werewolves descend upon us! Night is getting longer and longer every day while the sun rises later and later... Soon it may be night forever! With Avacyn dead and gone the humans have no one to protect them against the monsters of night. With the nights getting longer and longer the Werewolves feel that their time has come! They want the night to last forever and are prepared to take over the plane! 

We're still holding onto our current Covid precautions, with all customers needing to mask and all players at the table needing to provide proof of vaccination. While this might mean no pizza, we are taking advantage of the fact that we no longer are bound by just a weekend for events! That's right, we're trying to run a weekday prerelease! Our event schedule is as follows:

Friday at 3PM, 4 Rounds, Compainion App Code: W5PXPW
Friday at 9PM, 3 Rounds, Compainion App Code: E32D2R
Saturday at 1PM, 4 Rounds, Compainion App Code: V6N7ND
Sunday at 12PM, 3 Rounds, Compainion App Code: JXPJP3
Tuesday at 3PM, 4 Rounds, Compainion App Code:  3QX8X7

Now you may be wondering, "what is this companion app of which you speak?" It's a pretty cool app that has been designed by WOTC which lets you sign up for events in advance, it lets you report matches, it lets you see pairings... It's overall a very useful app! You can even use it in-store on our new customer Wi-Fi! (We have that now. Very modern. Much wow.)

All of these events are going to have $28 entry fee with prizes to reflect entry. Any tournament that has 4 rounds will have prizes of one pack of the new set per match win, while any tournament that has 3 rounds will also have additional prize support for the top placing players. Standard limited rules apply, as usual. You'll have 40 minutes to open your packs and deckbuild. Then you'll play the proper number of 50 minute, best 2 of 3 rounds winning one booster pack per match win in prizes!

Now let's talk mechanics a little bit. Personally, I think they did a really good job fixing werewolves. Transform used to be pretty messy, but Daybound and Nightbound really sync things up. Day and Night have to do with casting spells, but if it's Day, all creatures enter on their Daybound side and all Nightbound creatures transform to their Daybound side. The opposite is true if it's Night. I think this fixes the fiddly-bits of Transform where you had to worry about what creatures were transformed to what side. Big approve. 

Disturb is pretty cool too. Disturb is an activated ability that let's you cast a transformed version of card from your graveyard. All flip sides of cards with Disturb go into exile if they would hit the graveyard so you can't do it more than once, but it's still a great way to get more utility out of a card!

The final new mechanic is Coven. Coven is a keyword ability that check to see if you have creatures with 3 or more different powers on the board. It's worth noting that they're not talking about abilities, they literally mean "3 different numbers on the left side of the slash at the bottom of a creature card." So if you have creatures with powers of 1, 3, and 4, that will satisfy the mechanic. Sometimes Coven will be a triggered ability and sometimes it will be an activated ability, but it will always require 3 different powers on creatures you control.

You can read more about all the mechanics here.

And you can see a gallery of all the different cards here.

Just like every Innistrad set so far, this one promises to be a lot of fun! We hope to see you in the store soon for one (or more!) of our events!

Catch you on the flip, Zip!


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