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October Event Schedule!

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  • By Store Staff
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October Event Schedule!

A summary of our October Events!

Hey there everyone! Here's what we have planned at our tables for the month of October to help everyone have a spooky good time! Masks and full vaccination still required for all in-store events.

Weekly Events:

  • Sunday: 12:00-6:00 Magic Innistrad Midnight Hunt Drafts! $20 for 3x packs, plus $8 credit into the prize pool.
  • Monday: 4:15-6:45 Legends of Tellus Prime: D&D 5th Ed. $5 fee, added to your store credit account.
  • Tuesday: 3:00-7:00 MtG Modern/Commander
  • Wednesday: Open gaming all day
  • Thursday: Open gaming all day
  • Friday: 6:00-10:00 Magic Modern FNM. $5 Entry fee with prizes to reflect entry.
  • Saturday: 1:00-7:00 Board Game Afternoon. See Discord for details and planning. Often more Magic Commander Saturdays, too. 

Special Events:

  • Saturday September 25th: Innistrad Midnight Hunt League! While this one starts in September it runs mostly in October so it still counts. We're shaking things up this league a bit to help keep players engaged. Let's face it, a 6 week league can be daunting. As such, this league is going to be 3 weeks! You'll start with a Prerelease kit of the set and build a limited deck just like you would at a Prerelease. You can play against 3 opponents every week, scoring 2 points for a loss and 3 points for a win! At the start of the second and third weeks, you can add TWO packs to your league pool instead of one! The winner at the end of 3 weeks will receive booster pack prizes and their name on one of our Trophies! Our very own Seth won the last league, so join to dethrone him and take the title of "Champion" for yourself!
  • Saturday October 2nd: 2:00-7:00 MtG Pauper tournament! $5 Entry fee. Bring a 60 card deck of common cards and sideboard of 15 common cards. A card counts as common if it was ever printed at that rarity. There will be some preconstructed decks available for loan on a first come, first served basis. If this event is popular, it will become a monthly event!
  • Monday October 18th (and every third Monday of the month): 4:00-7:00 Painting Day! Come sit at our tables and learn painting tips and tricks of the trade from our very own painting master Andrew! All you have to bring is a model! No D&D this day.

And that wraps it up! Would you like to run an event? Is there a game you'd like us to host? Tell us either through e-mail, Facebook, Discord or just comment it below!

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash


  1. Bubba Sadowsky Bubba Sadowsky

    Hey there! Currently we only have our tables available for people who've been fully vaccinated. Once they're both fully vaccinated, that run strikes me as one which is ideal for younger folks!

  2. Laurel Laurel

    Question: Would your Monday D & D game nights be appropriate for kids? My kids, ages 8 and 10, are D&D enthusiasts.

  3. Bubba Sadowsky Bubba Sadowsky

    Hey there Dakota! We don't really pay attention too much to what decks are being played locally, but we definitely have a thriving modern crowd of between 15 and 20 folks showing up every week! We've never heard of renting MtG cards as a business model, but we definitely sell them! Hope to see you in the store!

  4. Dakota O'brien Dakota O'brien

    Hey! I just moved into the area and am looking to find a place to play modern and was wondering if you could give me any insight into what your store meta is like and committed your players are? Also do you guys rent cards or only sell them?

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