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October Events Schedule!

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October Events Schedule!

A quick rundown of ALL the things we have going on in October!


Masks are encouraged for the unvaccinated.

Weekly Events:


  • Sunday: Open gaming all day
  • Monday: Open gaming all day
  • Tuesday: Open gaming all day
  • Wednesday: Greenfield Chess Club. NEW HOURS 4:30-7:00pm 
  • Thursday: Open gaming all day
  • Friday: Magic Modern FNM. 6:00-10:00 $5 Entry fee. Store credit and Promo pack prizes. Casual Commander during FNM.
  • Saturday: Board Game Afternoon. 1:00-5:00. See Discord for details and planning. Casual Pauper 1:00-7:00. Often more MtG Commander Saturdays, too. Saturdays are a great time to pop in and learn the basics of Magic the Gathering as well!

Special Events:

  • Saturday October 15th: Store Championship! 1:00-7:00. Our free Modern format Store Championship will have some very cool promo prizes! Come on in and become the store champ! (7EE8X24)
  • Monday October 17th: Painting Day! 4:00-7:00. Join us at our tables and learn painting tips and tricks of the trade from our very own painting master Andrew! Enjoy the painting company. Bring your own supplies or just bring a model! (Every third Monday of the month)
  • Saturday October 29th: Monthly Pauper Tournament! 1:00-5:00. Entry fee will be $5 and will include standard credit prizes in ADDITION to some super cool card prizes!
  • Friday November 11th-17th: The Brothers' War Prerelease! Prerelease week is going to look a little different this time around. Unlike previous Prerelease Weeks, we'll be able to sell the FULL line of products! Yes, this means that you can buy single booster packs of the set if you like! Our Prerelease times this time around are going to be Friday the 11th at 3PM (NVM5ZMV), Saturday the 12th at Noon (P2P7WPP) and 5PM (8M6VR6V), and Sunday the 13th at 1PM (Z6QGPQ8).

Would you like to run an event? Is there a game you'd like us to host?
Tell us either through e-mail, Facebook, Discord or just comment it below!

Photo by KT on Unsplash


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