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Vacation! Have to get away!

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Vacation! Have to get away!

While our staff take their vacations our store will be closed! From September 5th through September 11th, we will be closed for business, but reopening for normal business hours starting on September 12th!

We'll still be taking online orders during this time, but they won't be processed until September 12th!

Here at Greenfield Games we've been faced with a conundrum for some time now where in order to have either Seth or Bubba take any significant time off, the other would have to pick up those hours. As a result, neither have taken any meaningful time off since before the Pandemic started.

We believe that a well-rested staff is an attentive, cheerful, productive, and happy staff. So in order to give them some well deserved time off, we've decided to close the store for a week. We looked at our release schedule and determined that the first week of September would be a good time for a break. We won't be open for business from September 5th until we resume our regular business hours on Sunday, September 12th. We'll still be taking orders online during that time, but we WON'T be processing those orders until we open on the 12th.

So what fun stuff does our staff have planned for this break? I think Bubba mentioned something something Vermont... something something fishing... Bear wrestling something something. You know, the usual. And while Seth couldn't be reached for comment I'm sure he has fun stuff planned. Maybe the call of the open road will bring him to a small, rural town where he'll fall for the policeman's daughter... wait... that's Marlon Brando. Close enough.

Whatever form that time off takes, we look forward to reopening with a new spring in our step! We'll see you all at the tables! (Just not September 5th - September 11th. We'll be closed then. that's kinda what this whole thing is about.)


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