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Greenfield Games August 2023 Event Schedule!

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Greenfield Games August 2023 Event Schedule!

A quick rundown of our August events!

Weekly Events:


  • Sunday: 1PM Board Game Afternoon. 1:00-6:00. See Discord for details and planning. 
  • Monday: Open Tables for Roleplaying, Miniatures Gaming, Card Gaming, or Board Gaming!
  • Tuesday: Open Tables for Roleplaying, Miniatures Gaming, Card Gaming, or Board Gaming!
  • Wednesday: Greenfield Chess Club. 4:30-7:00pm 
  • Thursday: Casual Legacy. 4PM 
  • Friday: Magic Modern FNM. 6:00-10:00 $5 Entry fee. Store credit and Promo pack prizes. Casual Commander during FNM.
  • Saturday: Casual Pauper 1:00-7:00. Often more MtG Commander Saturdays, too. Saturdays are a great time to pop in and learn the basics of Magic the Gathering as well!

Special Events:


  • Saturday August 5th: BIG GAMES AUCTION START DATE! SO! Our last auction was big. Like, REALLY big. So big we were barely able to manage it. So we've decided to try something a little different to make it easier on our staff. How are we going to do this? Well, we're going to need your help. 

    It's a bit of an experiment but for this auction, courtesy of the AMAZING Pete, we have a website where we're going to be having folks submit their own auction lots! If you hop on to you'll see a page where you can submit your own item descriptions and a photo (pending game store approval, of course). We'll submit the lot to the Discord when you physically bring in the item. While you can only submit one photo with the lot, you'll be able to add more after we post the lot to the discord. We really hope that this change will take a bit of stress off of our staff and make the whole process run more smoothly. 

    "So that bit of the process is new," I hear you asking, "BUT WHEN IS IT, BUBBA?! I JUST WANT THE DEETS!" 

    Fine, Fine, Fine! When can you start submitting stuff on the auction website? Well, NOW, as a matter of fact! You can start submitting stuff online as soon as this e-mail hits your mailbox, but you can't bring anything in to the store until August 5th. You can bring items in until the close of business on August 18th. Bidding is going to start on August 19th and run until lots start closing around noon on Saturday, August 26th. 

    As per usual, when your lot sells in the auction, you get what it sold for in store credit!

    You can find more detailed instructions for submitting auction lots here!
  • Saturday August 12th: Store Championship! 1:00-6:00. Modern format, entry fee will be $5 and will include promos for Particpation, Top 8, and Store Champion! 
  • Saturday August 19th: Monthly Pauper Tournament! 1:00-5:00. Entry fee will be $5 and will include standard credit prizes! 
  • Monday August 21st: 4:00-7:00 Third Monday of every month. Come learn painting tips and tricks while having some snacks and celebrating the hobby! Bring your own supplies or just bring a model!
  • Saturday August 26th: BIG AUCTION CLOSING DATE! Lots are going to start closing around noon so stay tuned to our Discord Server HERE!
  • Friday September 1st - 3rd: WILDS OF ELDRAINE PRERELEASE WEEKEND! Entry fee is going to be $30 and we're going to be having our prereleases at the standard times:
    Friday: September 1st at 3:00 (DYRWWDG)
    Saturday, September 2nd at 12:00 (45EZZRR)
    Saturday, September 2nd at 5:00 (GW7XXQ3)
    Sunday, September 3rd at 1:00 (NVDMMZ8)
  • These will all be 3 round events with extra prizes for top places and one set booster per match win!
  • Monday Septemeber 4th-Thursday September 7th: Closure for Staff Vacation!  Our Staff works hard and as such we're going to close for a few days so that we can rest! As always, thanks for your understanding that we are, in fact, still just human at the end of the day (despite our best efforts at hybridization).

Would you like to run an event? Is there a game you'd like us to host?
Tell us either through e-mail, Facebook, Discord or just comment it below!


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


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